How to Make Latte Art


Many people agree that making a good cup of espresso coffee is an art in itself. Making latte art refers to making patterns made of foam on top of an espresso drink. If you want to hone your latent barista talent, latte art is an important technique, which can take years to master. You can use the latte coffee machine to make a latte.

Making Perfect Foam

Pour enough cold milk (1ºC) for one cup into the steam pot. If you have time, store the kettle in the refrigerator or freezer before use. A cold teapot will give you more time to vaporize the milk and reduce the chance of the milk boiling. Cold teapots also make the cream stiffer and easier to use. Try to cool the kettle for at least 30 minutes before using it. For perfect foam, always use a liquid thermometer. A thermometer will help you to determine the right time to move milk from the steam engine before boiling. The goal is to heat the cream to stay below the boiling point. Do not leave milk at this temperature for too long, because it will make the milk boil.

Place the steam stick on the bottom of the pitcher. Turn on the steam engine, and lift the stick slowly until it reaches the top of the milk. Lower the pitcher when the milk rises so the steam stick will be 1 cm from the top of the milk. Milk does not need to be stretched excessively or large bubbles will appear. This method is done to produce soft and soft milk that will be different from the foam found on the top of the espresso drink.




Compare Pros and Cons Latte Coffee Machine


  • Cup Height


  • Most expensive option- can be cost prohibitive
  • Cheaper models aren’t very flexible

Allow the milk to reach 37ºC. Then place the steam stick on one side of the teapot, dip it in the milk, place the teapot so that it runs counterclockwise. Keep doing this movement until the milk heat reaches between 65ºC to 68ºC. The absolute temperature you need to get on milk foam is 71ºC.

Close the steam engine and remove the steam stick and thermometer from milk. Clean the steam stick with a wet cloth.
Leave the milk for a few seconds. This will make the milk have a softer texture. Turn the milk strong. If there are bubbles, snap the kettle on the counter several times and stir the milk again for 20 or 30 seconds.

Use a cup with a wide mouth. This type of cup will make it easier for you to develop a latte art design. Try sprinkling cocoa powder into a cup before pouring milk, this method can display an interesting effect. Use fresh milk for each cup, even when you still have leftover milk in the previous cup. Before trying with milk, try with water first. Although water does not have the same consistency as milk, practicing with water will make you more accustomed when pouring and shaking at the same time.

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