Important Things Before Buying a Coffee Maker


If you are a coffee lover, there’s no harm in buying a coffee machine to mix delicious coffee at home. But do not just buy, make sure to buy a coffee machine as needed. With a coffee machine, coffee lovers can immediately make delicious coffee without having to go to the coffee shop. Coffee machines help make coffee lovers mix their coffee practically. The price of a coffee machine is expensive, so you should consider many things before you buy them. Here are a few things to consider when buying a coffee machine.

1. Types of Coffee Brewing

The most popular coffee machines are those that feature ground coffee beans, espresso brewers to make classic coffee. Coffee machines with this facility are also usually the most widely looked at coffee lovers. When choosing a coffee machine, make sure what type of person you are. If you want a practical one, you can try buying a coffee machine with sophisticated and automatic work methods. But if you are fairly patient then you can choose a manual coffee machine that also involves your expertise in preparing a cup of coffee. Actually, for fans of delicious coffee that rely on taste, you can choose a coffee machine that has French Press or Chemex pour-over. For the best coffee, try grinding the beans when they are brewing.

2. Coffee Capacity

Calculate how much coffee you consume daily. With this, you can choose the type of coffee machine that suits your capacity. If you do not mix too much coffee, you should buy a small machine. There is a small machine that can make a cup of coffee in one work but there is also a machine that can simultaneously make up to 16 cups of coffee. This large capacity machine is usually used in several large coffee shops. Also, consider the types of coffee that can be processed with this one machine. This is important, considering that people’s tastes must be different.



Compare Pros and Cons Latte Coffee Machine


  • 19 Bar Italian pump delivers ideal
  • Easy 1 button interface takes
  • Select single or double shots
  • Thermocouple heating system
  • Automatic milk frother whips
  • emovable milk reservoir is easy
  • Cup tray adjusts


  • Can have a bit of a learning curve

3. Engine Size

Because it will be stored at home, pay attention to its size. Do not let this coffee machine look too big so it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen area. If the area where the coffee machine is not too large, try to choose only the small size. There are also mini-sized coffee machines whose functions cannot be doubted.

4. Function

If family members at home have different tastes, choose a coffee machine that has many functions. The resulting coffee can have a character that suits your taste whether it is strong coffee or light coffee. Coffee machines are now also widely relied upon to make diverse coffee variants such as cappuccino, lattes to hot chocolate. Not only that, but it’s also important to pay attention to important features such as water purification equipment and water heating machines.

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