Some Types of Coffee and Its Benefits


Latte coffee is indeed worldwide and is often found in cafes. Its composition is from strong Italian espresso coffee mixed with steam / heated milk. The price of a cup of latte in a cafe is relatively expensive, but actually this recipe can be made at home in several ways, either by using a coffee maker, AeroPress tool, or an ordinary coffee filter. Even if you really like coffee, there is also a latte coffee machine. complete with milk foam maker. Do not let the heat of the milk exceed the temperature of 60-70ºC, because it will limit the sweet taste contained in the milk. When steaming milk, it takes 3 seconds to form microfoam. The steam that is produced is very hot, so be careful not to get burnt.

Enjoy coffee while resting or just hanging out with friends will certainly add to the enjoyment, right? So before you go out for coffee with your friends, it helps you choose coffee according to your mood. So coffee time can be a mood booster for carrying out daily activities. Here is a list of coffee that can be your favorite:



Compare Pros and Cons Latte Coffee Machine


  • Brew Variety of Coffee
  • Rich Taste of Espresso
  • Professional Frothing Wand
  • Large Reservoir
  • Double Volume Bolier


  • Can have a bit of a learning curve


Latte can increase metabolism and encourage the production of your brain chemical serotonin. So it’s not wrong if you choose coffee latte to drink every day.


Drink this espresso coffee, it’s better at nine o’clock in the morning. Because the cortisol hormone in the lid remains stable. So you will avoid stress in the morning.

Cold Brew

The acidity of this type of coffee is up to 70% lower than regular coffee. So drinking this coffee can keep you fit and prevent muscle pain.


American coffee contains 90 calories. Fit to be enjoyed every day and become your mood booster.

White Coffee

In addition to its good taste, this coffee can prevent diabetes, Parkinson’s, and maintain cognitive function, because this coffee contains quinic acid and vitamin B3.


This drink is also suitable for adding mood booster because the content can reach 459 calories.

Brewed Coffee

This brewed coffee contains chlorogenic acid, phytoestrogens, and flavonoids which are able to prevent gallstones, nerve damage, and protect dental health.


Coffee mixed with milk can increase stamina, maintain oral health, and prevent cancer.


Coffee mixed with ice cream can improve your mood booster while being exclaimed with your friends or it can also while enjoying me-time at home.


If you need inspiration, there’s no harm in trying this coffee. Macchiato can make the mind calmer, so ideas or inspiration automatically come naturally.

Maybe that’s all the types of coffee that can be selected when hanging out with friends or me-time.

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