Steps to Make a Latte with an Coffee Machine


Latte coffee is indeed worldwide and is often found in cafes. The composition is from strong Italian espresso coffee mixed with steam / heated milk. The price of a cup of latte in a cafe is relatively expensive, but actually this recipe can be made at home in several ways, either by using a coffee maker, AeroPress tool, or an ordinary coffee filter. Even if you really like coffee, there is also an espresso maker complete with milk foam maker. You can use the latte coffee machine to make a latte.

If you are an expert at making espresso then you can experiment with how to grind you to get the taste of coffee that you like the most. Grind the espresso beans with a burr grinder so that the freshness of the coffee beans is more awake and felt. With a burr grinder, you can determine for yourself how fine or coarse your ground coffee powder will be, and the results will also be more consistent.

For a glass of latte, you need about 170 ml of milk. As a general comparison, try adding 170 ml of milk to every 30 ml of espresso coffee. Non-fat / low-fat milk is actually the easiest to make foaming (so beautiful when blended into lattes), but it doesn’t taste like regular full cream milk. Low-fat milk with 2% content can be made to froth very easily and is still pretty creamy. Full cream milk is the most difficult to make foaming but tastes best because it is high in fat.



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  • Can have a bit of a learning curve

Heat the milk by steam (like steaming but stick-shaped, sometimes a set with a coffee machine). Pour enough milk into a metal pitcher. Open the steam chamber cover on the espresso coffee machine. Usually, there are round knobs and must be rotated to open. Good foam is small and light (called microfoam), not big bubbles like soap water. A delicious foam feels light but still has a thick texture.

Measure coffee for your latte. Each shot (30 ml) of espresso contains certain levels of coffee. Usually, a latte uses 2 espresso shots. Solid coffee grounds. At this stage, you compact the espresso powder in a portafilter by using an espresso tamper. A tamper is a tool shaped. To condense the coffee, hold the handle of the tamper with your fingers, position your hands, arms and elbows in a line above the portafilter then press down. After being compressed, the coffee will become a plate called a puck. Good puck dense evenly, so that later the concoction of the espresso is also evenly and balanced.

Make espresso shots. Lock the portafilter into the head of the espresso machine. Press the dispensing / brew button on the machine to make a shot. A perfect shot with a dark brown color with mild thickness and a little cream (creme/cream) on the surface. Shot for 30 seconds, but this depends on the machine and powder you use. If the espresso is blended too long it will become too bitter, but if it takes too long the results will be less strong. Pour the heated milk on espresso. Foamed milk should be poured smoothly and then mixed with espresso cream in a cup/glass. When pouring milk, use a spoon to measure foam. Hold the foam first with a spoon, the foam should not be poured first before the glass/cup is filled with 3/4, then remove the spoon slowly lift so that the foam is poured.

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