Tips to Buy a Coffee Machine


Enjoy coffee now you can do at home. But, before buying an espresso machine of your choice, avoid mistakes in choosing which espresso is right for you and your home. Choosing an espresso machine for home use is not easy. Not all of these coffee machines work with the same process. Each machine has its own functions and ways to provide coffee. You can also use a latte coffee machine.

From simple coffee makers to espresso machines that are often used in famous cafes, you must know how to use them before you take them home. If so, how many types of coffee machines, how do they function, and which ones are suitable for you to buy?



Compare Pros and Cons Latte Coffee Machine


  • 15 bar Italian made pump starts
  • Extract one or two espresso shots at a time
  • 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets included
  • Steam wand for steaming and frothing milk
  • Includes Razor dose trimming tool
  • Voltage: 110 120 Volts


  • Most expensive option- can be cost prohibitive
  • Cheaper models aren’t very flexible


1. Do You Really Need It?
Before you get ready to shop, think about this one question. Do you really need an espresso machine at home? An espresso machine is not a fake tool that is easy to treat, and the price is not cheap. Maintaining and maintaining the performance of this machine so that it continues to work smoothly requires high commitment. If not, you’re tantamount to wasting your money on items that will become junk in under 3 months.

2. Customize the Machine with Your Daily Activities
There are three espresso machines that you can operate at home. Superautomatic, semi-automatic, and capsule types. Each machine has a different way of producing one cup of coffee. Starting from the fastest to the process that takes longer to produce a cup of coffee with the taste of a famous cafe.

– Capsule type

This type of espresso machine is perfect for you coffee lovers who are always busy. The process of making a cup of coffee using a capsule machine is the fastest process compared to the other two types of espresso machines. You don’t need to wait for the coffee to be ground or measure the amount of coffee to be balanced. Simply by placing a coffee refill capsule in a capsule container, you can enjoy a cup of coffee without having to wait long. Unfortunately, you have to be willing to reach deeper into this type of pocket because the price of refill capsules is getting more expensive here.

– Superautomatic type

Not much different from the capsule type, a superautomatic type is also classified as a machine that is still easy to operate in a short time. The difference is, before you let the machine work automatically, you have to calculate the amount of coffee in the container that has been provided. Superautomatic type and capsule type are highly recommended for beginners because the technical operation is still easy and does not take much time.

– Semi-automatic type

The last type is the semi-automatic type. This machine looks bigger and denser. To operate it, you need special expertise and knowledge in the field of coffee making. Usually, this type of machine is chosen by many baristas who are practicing to make coffee at home or coffee lovers who appreciate the long process of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

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